Car Insurance – Beware the Ghost-Brokers

On the 7 August 2018, in East London, three men where sentenced to suspended jail terms and community service having been found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud. Their fraud directly targeted minicab drivers after they set up a website called Kab Insure and offered reward insurance policies suitable for drivers carrying goods or passengers. It is believed that [...]


Negotiating Your Next Vehicle

If you are a taxi driver or the owner of a cab firm you will, from time to time, have to face the task of sourcing and purchasing a new vehicle. There are a number of surveys from companies such as Accenture and Harris Polling that say the vast majority of people do not find car buying a pleasant [...]


Electric Black Cabs – The Key Numbers

We at The Cab Detective talk almost daily to taxi drivers thinking of investing in a new black cab. The biggest question in their minds is whether to make the move to the new electric model.  LEVC announced in December 2017 that their 'TX' model black cab had been certified to carry passengers in London. In January 2o18 they released the [...]


Wheelchair Accessible Taxis – Your Options

Wheelchair Accessible VehiclesThere are an estimated 11 million people in the UK with a disability, 2 million are blind and 1.2 million are wheelchair users. As the population ages those numbers may well increase. That is a huge pool of potential taxi customers, many of whom have problems with their mobility. Those people often rely on a taxi service for [...]


Welcome to The Cab Detective Blog

The Cab Detective is a service dedicated to helping taxi drivers and taxi firms quickly and easily find vehicles to act as new taxis. It is a free, time saving service run by expert staff who know the taxi and private hire industry. A simple call will start the search for a new vehicle, just tell us what you are [...]

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