Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?2018-05-04T11:03:36+01:00

The Cab Detective is a free service to the vehicle buyer.

Do you find minibuses for sale?2018-05-04T11:02:43+01:00

Yes, we can minibuses that meet your requirements.

I want to test drive the vehicle before I buy it. Can you arrange this?2018-05-04T10:59:04+01:00

Once we have found a vehicle that matches your brief we will put you in touch with the dealer,
you can then arrange a test drive directly with them.

Do you sell new and used vehicles?2018-05-04T10:57:36+01:00

Our dealers offer both new and used vehicles – full details are available upon request.

What types of vehicles can you find?2018-05-04T10:40:28+01:00

Our network of dealers are able to supply almost every make and model of vehicle available in the U.K. – all at highly competitive prices.

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