If you are a taxi driver or the owner of a cab firm you will, from time to time, have to face the task of sourcing and purchasing a new vehicle. There are a number of surveys from companies such as Accenture and Harris Polling that say the vast majority of people do not find car buying a pleasant experience. We at The Cab Detective suspect that part of the reason for that negative view is the negotiating and haggling with a salesman that forms a part of the process. Negotiation is, after all, one of those business skills that people are often just assumed to have, rather than a skill to be learnt. That leaves the purchaser at a distinct disadvantage in a car dealership were the art of negotiation is exercised daily.

This post is the first in an occasional series on negotiation and the sales process. As this is the first in the series we will start with some of the basics.

Negotiating Basics for buying a cab

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